Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My reading Task.


1) What is sound? Sound is a form of energy. For sound to be
produced vibration must be set up by a source, this is by hitting a drum.  How is 2) How is sound produced? The pitch of a note produced by a guitar depends
on the length thickness and tension of the string.
3) What do sound vibrations travel through? The sound vibrations travel through solids and liquids as well as air. Sound cannot travel through a vacuum sound always travel through different substances.
4) Through which substance does sound travel fastest? This is because
5) Why is this? The reason is this is because the sound is really interesting because everybody mostly uses sound which is really cool because if no one didn’t have sound it will be really quite.
6) Why do you think sound cannot travel through a vacuum? The reason it cannot travel through the vacuum is because there is not a lot of air or vibrations for it to travel through the vacuum.
7) What is pitch? Pitch is the highness or lowness of a sound. A high pitch is caused by short vibrations and a low pitch is caused by long vibration.
8) How would you create a high pitch on: A recorder.
    1. A guitar?
    2. A recorder?
    3. A drum?
What does the volume of sound depend on? The sound depends on how loud you make the sound like if you sing it depends how loud you sing.
How would you play a drum quietly? You can play a drum quietly by just tapping it really softly so no one can’t hear what are you doing.
How much energy do you think the vibrations would have if you did this? If you do this quietly your vibration will be really short and it will not able for anyone to hear this because your vibration will be really quiet.

If the vibrations had lots of energy, what would the volume be like? If the vibration had lots off energy the volume will be really loud because that's how it will be so if the vibration didn’t have energy the volume will not have any energy.

This is my reading task for the week which I really enjoy because I really like reading and also I need to get well at my reading. Hope you enjoy reading my work.

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