Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Netball game.!!!!

Last night we had our Netball game and it was really cool because I really like netball because I have been playing netball for 7 years now because I started netball when I was a yea 4. The reason I really like netball is because my friends join too and we are all in the same team which I really like because I can't play without my friends.

When it was time for us to play I was really cold because we only had short sleeves on so I had to try to keep warm. As we were playing I was getting warm and I was really hot that I was sweating because the person that I was marking was really fast so I couldn't keep up with her.

As we were playing we had to stop the game because my friend Jordenne was crying because she twisted her leg because she fell and that was really sad because she is one off our good players. I was really sad because looking at her crying it seems really painful.

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