Monday, 30 June 2014

Swimming Recount.

As I was sprinting back straight after the bell rang ready to line up to go to the Swimming pools I was pumped up because I really like going swimming, walking to the swimming pools I was really really excited because I haven’t been swimming for a long time so I was really excited.

Walking into the pools Miss Nua quickly said that we have to go and get changed really quickly  and have a quick shower too, and we had to meet her near the place we are swimming. As I was rushing and saying to all the girls “hurry hurry”!!! we might get in trouble because we might get in trouble because we were only meant to have a really quick shower.

When we got there this nice lady called Jackie was our instructor what she told us was that we had to find a partner, and I was partner with Janise. What we had to do was that she is going to test us how we are swimming and then she is going to put us in groups from 1 two 2 and the 1 group is the not confident swimmer and 2 is the confident swimmer and me and Janise was in group 2, which is the confident swimmer.

While Jackie was just finishing of the last two swimmers which was Anisha and Gloria Miss Nua took us to the big pool which was the cold pool so we can have our lesson which was group two. What we learn with Miss Nua is how to get into the pool safely and a lot more staff but we only had a short time of the lessons but next time we will have more time to practice a lot of staff.   

Suddenly it was time to get out of the pool and go and get change because we needed to get to school before the bell rang. As we were running as quickly to the bathroom to get change Miss Nua said “don’t have a shower after you swim but some girls just went off and had a shower when just got told not two.  

My favorite part of swimming was that we got to vs other people in our group from the start to the end which was really cool. As we were vsing Janise and I we had to go first and janice was beating me because she is really fast and fit and everyone was trying to beat Janice because she was really fast. When I was vsing other people I was trying to beat Janise because she was too fast and no one couldn’t beat her.

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