Friday, 7 June 2013

Netball Mixed boys&Grils

Yesterday the 5th of June we had the year 5&6 mixed team tournament it was really cool  because netball is really fun. We had six games against other schools the schools was Glenbrae, Tamaki primary, Panmure Bridge, Glen Innes, Bailey road and also Sylvia Park.

The first game was against Bailey road school and we “WON”!!! the score was 12 to 0 the passion was WD in the first half and Sub in the 2nd half. I really like being WD because I run up to the middle and catch the ball when Jordenne past the ball to me.

The schools that we vs against we a won against them now it was the time to vs Glenbrae in the finals. We were really nervous when we are in the finals because last year we vs another team in the finals and we lost by just 2 point but we enjoyed it.

When we vs Glenbrae at the first half we were winning the point was 8 to 2 in the 2nd half they came back the pont was 12 to point england and 4 to the other team when it was 10 second ore left in the time I was counting in my head, when it got up to 1 we won the finals and we were really “HAPPY”!!!!.

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