Thursday, 6 June 2013

Asena Wiriting week5 - term 2

Suddenly Jacks family wanted   to see a penguin but they got stuck in the snow and the cold wind day because the man called Jack didn't check the weather before they came.  When Jack “SAID”!!! to his
family that they can’t see a penguin because the penguin ran away from the cold and snowy day.

When they couldn't see the penguin they started to make there own house because they couldn’t go back to their home because how Antarctica is cold. They were really angry at jack because he made them live at Antarctica when they didn’t have no food to eat.

Jack was walking along the snow he heard a really loud noise coming from the right side when he heard the noise he went and check it out. When he went to check out what the noise was it was the penguin making that really loud noise so he ran and told his family that the penguin are back, from there long trip to Australia jacks family was really “HAPPY”!!!.

Thanks Iron for editing my worK.

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