Monday, 28 July 2014

Hannah's Birthday!!!

Lounging onto the green soft comfortable couch as I waited for Hannah’s mum to pick me up to go to her sleepover. As I was waiting I was getting everything ready like packing my clothes, togs and also sleeping bag because we were going to have a sleepover. While I was packing my things I heard a huge knock came by my front door as I quickly ran with my bag and sleeping bag downstairs and opened the door, it was hannah.

Suddenly I shut the door and quickly ran into the car because I was really excited. As I hopped in the car we straight went to pick up some of my friends first we went to Josephine house. When we parked up Josephines house I ran quickly and knocked on her front door as Josephine quickly rushed past me and sat at the front seat.

As we stopped by Iron’s house which was just a few blocks away from Josephines house Josephine and I quickly took our seat belts off and quickly open the door and ran as fast as we could and knocked on Irons front door. Iron quickly ran quickly rushed and sat on the front seat and Josephine and I sat madly at the back because we both wanted to sit in the front.

As we parked up at Hannah’s house we quickly ran up the stairs and we saw Jordenne, Hannah, Leila and us when we got there we were just hanging around in Hannah’s room playing on her guitar.  While we were chilling back in Hannah’s room we were waiting for Sela we waited and waited so we decided to call her house and her sister answered the phone and said that she already left.

When we were waiting for Sela like about 20min we decided to start the challenges. As we got straight into the challenge the first challenge was that they had to eat something that was in a plastic cup, but when we were going to start we had to pick whos going to do the first challenge so Josephine volunteered to do it for our team, and Iron done it for her team.

While we were finding our clue all I can see was the other team following us so we told them “GET LOST!!!!  to don’t follow us but our team didn’t really care at all. As soon as we  finished our first challenge we ran back upstairs and ready for our next challenge, the 2nd challenge was two people and to eat something, but what I ate was green Peas and leila ate the red chilli and it was so hot that she needed water every time she takes a bite.

The 3rd challenge we needed to hop in a car and drive to Hannah’s church which is called the international church. Our challenge was that we had to put the spoon inside out mouth and put the egg on top of the spoon. When I went first I was really scared because I might drop the egg and my team might be mad at me because everyone wants to win the “Amazing Race”!!!.

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  1. Wow sounds like Hannah's birthday was amazing! Well-done on writing such an in-depth recount about it Asena!