Friday, 4 April 2014

About Pandas.

The body parts of the Panda is when the giant Panda is strong back molars that can used to chew and grind for there regular diet of bamboo. The Pandas have a really sharp paw, Pandas are really beautiful and also it has a really nice colour of skin. Pandas live in the jungle because so they can eat bamboo because bamboo grows in the jungle.

Pandas are  really  interesting is because it is kind and cool. The reason Pandas are special is because they have lived at Earth for such a long time and that they have lived in New Zealand for 3 million years. A panda is a mammal and it lives in the high cold mountain forests of central China.

How many babies do Pandas have? In the early autumn a female Panda gives birth to one or two cubs. Normally only one of the cubs will survive, the newborn cubs are really tiny that it  could fit in any person palms. Why are pandas in danger? The reason Pandas are  endangered is because they live up top of the tree and some of the workers cut the trees down where they live.

Can Pandas and people live together? Every year more and more people are born in China because they all need somewhere to live so they had to cut down the forest where the Pandas live so the Pandas had to lose there homes. Most Pandas are sort of smart not like Chimpanzees but I guess they are intelligent.

The reason I love Pandas is because they are cool and fun to watch because I have watched are movie of Pandas so thats why I like Pandas. Not that they are just cool but also they are funny and really awesome to always watch.

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