Friday, 2 March 2012

My picnic story

Intense the sun shone strongly in my eyes at the picnic.  I wanted to swim but I didn’t, because I felt cold. However,  when I put my legs in the water it was warm. I wish I had my togs.
Small children were having fun playing with clay at the beach. Clay is fun to play with because you can make things with clay. Playing with clay is my favourite thing at the beach is making hings with it. The thing i hate about clay is your hand get slimy.`Glistening, the fine sand was used in making my sand castle. Having so much fun with my friends building castle. My favourite thing about the sand castle was finding shells to decorate my sand castle.I washed the shells so they could be clean.


  1. Kia Ora Asena,
    You've written some great sentences using interesting vocabulary. Keep up the great writing on your wonderful blog.

    From Miss Lavakula

    1. WOW Asena that looks so gool did you have a great time at the Pt England beach? I hope you had a geart time. You got good sentences and good vocabulary keep up the good work hope to see more for.

  2. Dear Asena,

    Hi Asena I really like your story about going to point England beach on Friday morning.You put great and interesting words on your fantastic blog.I am writing this because have have a fantastic pitcher and I really like your story because you have no mistakes in your writing.It rocks keep up the great work.